Our realm has a set frequency
Like a radio station

Reptilians control us from just outside our 3D world from the lower 4th dimension
By their shapeshifting blood thirsty hybrids
Who are our world leaders

They drink mammalian blood to stimulate their genetic coding
Illuminati bloodlines equal reptilian DNA and can easily be possessed

The elite carefully plan their interbreeding
So that reptilian codes do not become too dormant or too energetic
To prevent the reptilian form from appearing when not attended to do so

After we start achieving monumental breakthroughs
They invent ways to keep us in line

We are being upgraded from their point of view
Into a more manageable and less resistant life form
A synthetic sub species designed to be helplessly tuned in to their false reality

The reptilian desire for lust and control is just a mask for what they are
Which is insecure and fearful
Because they are terrified that we will cease to be their food source

Our energy bleeds into the 4th dimension
And is absorbed by reptilian ETs

The Illuminati bloodlines or dark cabal in positions of power are the most locked in
Because they were genetically modified for that purpose

But anyone who is not genuinely conscious of the program
Will be locked into low vibrational frequencies
Via the DNA and reptilian brain

And be guided by it in their thoughts and behavior
Even imprisoned by it in their perceptions

Truth vibrations cause a glitch in the field
And will produce so called paranormal experiences

We can expand our mind beyond the influence of matrix frequencies
And suddenly perceive we are being blocked from observations

We can disengage from the illusion
And snap out of the trance

An energetic download of information is coming from the cosmos
And we are indisputably awakening!