The 4 horsemen were plasma discharges
To 4 Saturnian moons from their primary
In an ancient sky

The arrival of Apollyon
To the cubed Mother Box
Was Mars in front of Venus

The Lion with the Corona Crown

This also created the Baphomet
A god that is a mix of both male and female genders

The rich and famous
Are required to be both male and female
Like the Baphomet

Mae West was a guy
Marilyn Monroe was a guy
Cher Sandra Bullock Nicole Kidman Billie Eilish
Are all guys

Albert Einstein was a small Jewish lady
Mother Theresa was a small Jewish man

The hand to chin pose
Is a Freemason Baphomet salute
Like the famous picture of Edgar Cayce

The Wheel of Fortune
Originally was the Wheel of Saturn

Occult members especially the rich and famous
Have to be willing to die
If their numbers on the Wheel come up

Andy Gibb youngest member of the Bee Gees
Was sacrificed
And later the two oldest brothers were sacrificed
Leaving only Barry Gibb

618 is the magic number for the Golden Dawn

The star of the Antichrist has golden wings
This is because Saturn was yellow
And Mars was in front of Saturn

The golden dawn was when Saturn was at its brightest

The Iron Throne of the Antichrist
Was when the position of Mars occluded Saturn

The Heptagram is the symbol of the Phoenix Order of the Illuminati
This is the seven rayed Venus

Venus was the Lotus flower

10 is the signal for cloning
Almost all famous people have been cloned
And the clones are usually occupied by reptilian entities

A clone of someone is called their Doppleganger

A celebrity going to jail or to the hospital
Means reprogramming

8 is the eternal loop
Which was a twisting encircling electrical current
Going up the Universal Axis

1 is the standing serpent
Which is the Universal Axis
That could be seen in former times going up to Saturn

The Middle finger meant
Directing energy up to Saturn