Professor Marvel in the Wizard of Oz
Of the Crown heads of Europe

Has the same root as Merlin the Magician
Who is Mars at Mt Meru
Which is the Indic name for the world mountain or universal cosmic axis

Mars was the magician god who marveled the world
And the trickster god who constantly changed colors

Mars wore the great crown of magic
Which became the crown of kingship symbolizing sovereignty

Enki who is Mars wore a holy crown called a lapis lazuli headdress
And Horus wore a serpent band

When Indra the mighty one was born
Thou terrified earth and heaven

When energized with incoming plasma
The magnetic north pole drew the planets to the north celestial plasma column

If ships tried to pass by the Cliffs of Insanity surrounding the Artic Circle
At a time of intense auroral activity
Their iron nails would loosen and get pulled out
And they would crash upon the shores beneath the Mountains of Shadow

This is also the time of Pentecost
When the sweet presence of the Holy Flame came down
And appears as a bright red wind with the power to heal

Come Spirit Come
Reveal your glory
And unveil the children of God

Redeem our bodies
And give us first fruits of the Spirit

The Holy Ghost will descend like a dove or flame
It will spark or ignite dormant DNA
People will talk in strange utterances

The official color of Pentecost is red because of the red plasma

Go forth in the joy of the Spirit
Feel the power of the Holy Wind
Be emboldened by the Celestial Fire
That is now a part of our lives

Children of the Lord receive the Spirit of Adoption
And let love shine in your eyes!