DMT is a very powerful hallucinogen
It is produced by the pineal gland

The pineal gland is pine cone shaped and is located in the middle of your forehead
When you dream you use your pineal gland
It is a gateway to the spiritual realm

In Genesis 32:30 Jacob saw God face to face at a place called Pineal

Our pineal gland is being petrified and rendered inoperative by fluoride
Which is dumped in our drinking water

And it is being calcified by the toxins in processed foods
When the pineal gland hardens it atrophies and shuts off our connection to the spirit world

The U.S. State Department ships frozen penguin pineal glands from Antartica to New York City
That are then delivered to Freemason lodges throughout the world

The DMT from penguins is very powerful
It is mixed with blood and becomes DMT tea
Used in Freemason 33rd degree initiation ceremonies

It is drank out of a human skull

Astral projection takes place and the Initiate meets otherworldly beings
During their DMT trip they make a pact with the devil
Which is required for all higher level Freemasons

The main purpose of the Antarctic Treaty is supposedly to protect penguins
No one is allowed to go south of the 66 degree parallel

But the U.S. has penguin harvesting centers in Antarctica
Where they kill these birds
Cut open their brains and take out the pineal gland

Toads also have strong pineal gland but not as powerful as penguins
Mike Tyson admits he frequently does The Toad

The Antarctic Treaty is also for keeping people from realizing our true world
Antarctica surrounds us in our flat earth plane
In which there are many realms

When one reaches a high Freemason level
They become targets for possession
By entities who have gained easy access to our dimension
From the activities of CERN

They have sold their soul and made a pact with the devil

Freemasons become psychopaths who attempt to achieve an exalted state of being
Who are offered the world but then get taken over

They are the ones who go to the Bohemian Grove
Dress up in robes and kneel before a 40 foot owl
Then they chase after naked young males in the forest!