Each clone has a different soul
From a different body

There is a transfer of consciousness
Between bodies

Clones do not have sovereignty
But they have self actualization

Robert Palmers famous song
Addicted To Love
Is about becoming a synthetic

In his video
He has 4 female robotic clones
As his band

Love songs are typically about
The transformation to cloning

KISS means Knight in Satans Service

Conversely Shania Twain
Uses 4 male clones
In her video of her hit song
This Kiss

Elton John uses clones of himself
In one of his videos

His hit song
Im Still Standing
Is about selling your soul
And being reincarnated
To an ascended god

Rapper Big Phil was sacrificed
And came back as TI
As illustrated by his song
Im Back

The music industry is about
Taking control of people
Through music!