What you experience is showing you the holographic expression
Of where you are in the structure

To change your reality you must observe yourself
And put your emotions into a new momentum

Emotions thoughts and deeds are the tuning forks of your reality
Reality is a mirror image of your consciousness
What you put out comes back to you

Out of balance frequencies become reverse osmosis called karma

When you sit in front of a mirror
In order to change the reflection you do not change the mirror
You change yourself to project a better image
That is how reality works

Reality is literally picture snapshots moving so quickly you do not notice it
Reality is a movie projection and you are the projector

If you could measure the vibrational sequence of another place
And put yourself at that frequency
You could actually transport yourself there

Think of it as putting a code in a computer
You can manifest anything by matching the frequency

Money allows you to experience realities of 3D
The heart frequency allows you to get whatever you want in the 5D structure

But you have to leave the outcome open
Because you cannot vibrate 100 percent of the frequencies

You are a hologram projecting everything you see and experience
Express thankfulness for it all

Do not blame others because you are projecting them into your reality
Give a gratitude for them

And be thankful for everything that you are!