The city of Cleveland is launching drones
They say their purpose is for fighting crime

Drones equipped with lasers and guns will follow people
Making sure they are law abiding citizens

They have surveillance and monitoring capability
And will make sure you are on your best behavior
Doing exactly what you are being told to do

Police drones will make you drive at exactly the speed limit

They can hunt you down using your WBAN
The electrical signals propagated by your DNA gets measured
And your personal energy field is stored as algorithms in a data base

The drone monitors your heart rate body temperature and blood pressure
By the pulsation of terahertz radiation into the nano sensors inside your body
Called electroporation

Drones have MESH capability
By using frequencies they can change the shape of your tissue
Can modify your enzymes and proteins
And manipulate your DNA

The radiation damages your cells and organs
And makes your bones brittle

The TB2 drone is already in operation in Poland and Turkey
And is dispersed throughout our military ready to be unleashed

It uses a micro array
Which is a signal that goes in both directions

They can turn your biosensors into little tasers
Which will prevent you from running away

By scanning your wave pattern or vibration
Drones will do neuromodulation
And will perform what they call wireless health maintenance

The manufactured and concocted WW3
Will be the excuse to launch drones everywhere

If you thought that the military industrial complex
Was to protect us from terrorists driving tanks
The joke is on you
It is to integrate cyber capabilities on civilians

Are they using technology to fight crime
Or commit crimes

In science fiction novels
When the eyes of your personal robot turns red
The robot turns against you!