Our electromagnetic field is disrupted
By constantly using a cellphone
And we can be more easily infiltrated

When we blank our minds during an automaton meditative state
Especially when under the influence of a mind altering drug
We open ourselves up to entities

Pharmaceuticals alcohol and bad eating habits also endanger us

Sexual promiscuity with negative people
And especially sex without consent
Also open the portals of spiritual possession

That is why satanic rituals use rape to siphon energy

The inherit geometric principles
That govern our portals of consciousness are damaged

Children are implanted with negative energy
In which entities can burrow into their meridional channels
And extract their life force

The moon is an artificial satellite
That magnetically imprints mind control machinery
Into our lower chakras
Which results in sexual misery

We formerly had 3 suns
Saturn Uranus and Neptune
Whose first letters spell sun

Venus was the Mother of God or Divine Feminine
She was experienced as the original lunar force or Bella Luna

In the former epoch
When Venus was in front of Saturn
As Saturn was darkened due to the position of the lower realms
Venus was the bright star
In front of the revolving crescent

The star and crescent which is the emblem of many Islamic countries
Has nothing to do with the moon

To have a star or planet in front of a crescent moon
Is impossible in todays cosmology

The hierogamic union of Venus and Mars created a Double Diamond
And gave Mars a crown which made him the King of kings

The Double Diamond was also the Cosmic Egg

The 6 pointed Merkabah Star was Venus
Whose symbol has been abused for witchcraft
But inherently means the Mother Principle and her Creative Forces

The 5 pointed Star was Mars or the Star of David
The Vitrosian Man is superimposed on it

When we bring abundance to those we come in contact with
And assist others to realize their own inner light
We also replenish ourselves

As we drink from the chalice of limitless light
Our own light multiplies in potency

As we project our light consciousness
We fill the world with a palette of colored music

This is Cosmic Law made manifest!