People places and information will show up
In harmony and in contribution to who you truly are

Challenge self sabotaging thoughts
Replace them with positive affirmations

Think empowering thoughts
They will materialize outward into form

Thoughts become things
Affirmations can be assumed as fact

Imagine how you want to be treated by others
Imagine how you want to receive others

When you walk in the assumption that things are as you desire
Others will see you that way

Your mood materializes into the environment
Circumstances and people reveal your mood within

Feelings are the secret
When you feel you are in flow you allow your vision
And expression comes easy

Embrace pain on your journey
When you enjoy it and savor it
You will not be afraid of it
And it will not block your flow

You are a conduit of divine expression
You are able to see things into existence

Imagine being ecstatic
Go into the feeling
Say to yourself It is wonderful to be ecstatic

Blissfulness is your true state
Direct your attention to the energy you radiate into the universe

The universe has vibrant power that responds to your thoughts and feelings
Your beliefs and attitude shape your reality

Gratitude signals that you are aligned
With the positive energies of the universe

Gratitude attracts more goodness
With positive action you stimulate your intention

And you become a conscious creator of your experiences!