The human body has thousands of biochemicals that continuously interact
Creating chemical reactions that generate energy

The energy is released by the interaction of spiritual and emotional activation
And the involvement in earths electromagnetic field

Thus humans are an abundant supply of potential energy

But are completely unaware that this energy is being harvested
To their own detriment

The main source of energy current is in the cells stored in ATP molecules
Which accumulates into light energy
That is a function of expanding consciousness

Batteries are called battery cells because they store energy

All energies circulate within the body
And are intimately entwined within our soul

This internal energy circuitry affects our stations of identity
That reflect our consciousness in other realities

In each realm the laws governing structure and potential energy change
Entities modify natural laws by changing the blueprint with artificial technology
Which recycles trauma fragments back into manifestation
Generating harm to the collective soul

These time loops are an energy source
For a variety of virtual reality systems

And increasing the belief systems that perpetuate anti soul agendas
So they can harvest our energy

As the soul gets more fragmented
The more energy there is to be siphoned

Our soul is spliced and diced for profit
Which promotes predatorial parasitism and victim victimizer mindsets

So humans replicate these same behaviors onto other more vulnerable species

There are Hibernation Zones of AI technology
That has harvested life force energy
Where consciousness has gotten trapped by soul fragmentation

Lost souls that have gotten intermixed with alien machinery
And the mirrored reflection of holographic symmetry
That exists within shattered soul pieces
Are being reclaimed

Allowing the consciousness to continue a journey of ascension
In a location outside of the phantom underworlds!