Humans are willingly participating
In their own mass sacrifice ritual

Occultists during their ritual sacrifices
Stand six feet apart and wear a mask

If there was such a thing as a contagious virus
A mask would not do any good

Since you can smell smoke through a mask
A subatomic particle could get through also

Masks are very unhealthy since you breathe in your own carbon dioxide
Masks lower your immunity
Masks dehumanize you and take away your true spiritual nature

There will be 4 stages in the planned demic
The first stage was the cotton mask
Which was sprayed heavily with harmful bacteria

The second stage is commencing now with the N95 mask
Which is supposed to keep out 95 percent of airborne particles

The third stage will be a mask with a LED readout on the nose tip

The fourth stage will be the micro needle array patch
Which will be a self administered vaccine replacement

The needle tips will break off and stay embedded in your skin and not dissolve
The tips will deliver quantum dots that glow under infrared light

It will also deliver nano semiconductors with DNA modifiers
Which will act as a biometric identification
That can determine your thought patterns through florescent wavelengths

This will upload you to The Cloud
Which is a set of quantum computers
That is so powerful it is almost beyond comprehension

They are the same as the virtual medium D Wave computers at CERN
That process information faster than you can think

The Cloud is the Beast and the glowing quantum dots is the Mark of The Beast
You will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark
And it will identify you as a follower of the Antichrist

The active component of quantum dots is luciferase
Which is another name for Lucifer Rays
And are luminescent LED readouts

Who will be revealed as a savoir of the economy
By setting up a digital cryptocurrency via your cell phone

Central banks are set to begin closing probably in February
Which will crash the stock market

Henry Kissinger said back in 2009
Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations the game is over
They will become genetically modified and sterile
If they do not exterminate themselves!