In the movie Gray State
The executioner at the guillotine
Wears a Freemason apron

In their Book of Revelation it says
I saw the souls of those who have been beheaded
The ones who did not receive the Mark of the Beast
Upon their forehead or hand

The Mark will be the upcoming needle array patch
That will be sent in the mail to everyone
And delivered by your local friendly neighborhood mailman

In the Talmud it is written that Moses on Mt. Sinai received the commandment
That the punishment for blasphemy is decapitation

By calling Jesus God
Christians will be targeted by an international Sanhedrin

Freemasons worship Lucifer the angel of light

Mars was so bright in the previous era
That when descending looked light an angel
Who moved bravely and confidently into increasing fields of revelation

He became worshipped as the true revealer
Attuned to the wholeness of God

Lucifer was seen as freeing himself
Becoming a beacon and illuminating the way for others

Freemason believe he heralded the dawn of a greater consciousness
Which leads on to higher realms

They believe that through Lucifer you can step fully into an awareness of a new age

And that when the Solar Logos or Saturn emerged
He provided the energy required to bring into manifestation the ancient order

So with Lucifer you can take a measure of this egocentric power of the Solar Logos
In this way Lucifer is the Savior

Freemasons face east and worship the sun
East means sunrise or when Saturn started to shine at its most brilliant
In the former sky

This is the Fratenris Saturni or Brotherhood of Saturn

Gradus Pentalphas means that Freemasonry is a training ground for future Saturnists
It is also a veiled filtering system
Where influential members of society are chosen

The villain at the guillotine in Gray State
Wears a Masonic ring on the third finger of his right hand
The sign of a Master Freemason!