Draco reptilians are Draculas
King Charles is a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler

Reptiles eat mammals
And humans are a mammal

The reptilian elite have adrenochrome harvest rituals
They need human blood to survive

The myth of Saturn consuming his children
Because he was fearful of one of them seizing his seat of power
Was a cosmic event in the former age

Mars tried to usurp the throne of Saturn
And rise above the Most High

The Biblical stories of Pharoah killing the male children of the Hebrews
And the enigmatic King Herod who never appears in any historical account
Killing all the male children 2 years old and younger in Bethlehem and the surrounding area
Because of a birth of the king of the Jews
Are both fictional accounts that echo the mythological theme of Saturn killing his children

Moses means he who appears out of the water
Mars was the son of Saturn who resided in the watery chaos of Saturns plasma field

Baphomet means washed by the heavenly water
Baph is where we get our word bath

Met is an anagram for Atem
And it is where the word templar comes from

The Knights Templars got kicked out of France
For practicing human sacrifice

It is also why the River Thames in London is pronounced Tems

In Genesis 1:27 it says Elohim created male and female in his image
El means Saturn
Ohim means Venus
Elohim means Venus the feminine in front of the male Saturn
Elohim was androgynous

Isis was thought to have been made a male by Osiris
Aphrodite was also represented as male

Enki who was Saturn incorporated male and female principles
Yahweh was presented as being bisexual

Astarte-Yah means Venus Saturn
The mother god and the father god
The queen of heaven and the king of heaven

Female European royalty are actually men with very few exceptions
United States first ladies are all men
And they are all members of the cannibalistic Saturn cult!