The 1889 fire in Seattle Washington is supposed to have leveled the city
Then afterwards in only a year and a half 5625 buildings were supposed to have been erected

Among them are grand and elegant structures
Such as the Pioneer Building Hotel Seattle and the Harrisburg Building

The narrative quickly becomes absurd

Seattle has a famous underground tour
In which you can enter a previous street level

In the same year across the state Spokane was supposed to have had a fire
Someone apparently put a little too much grease on the stove at a restaurant and it burned down the building
Then somehow made its way across the Spokane River and burned down the whole downtown

Crazy stories like these are reminiscent of the Chicago fire of 1871
Where Mrs. O’Learys cow kicked over a lamp and burned down the city
Cities everywhere have there own stories of a fire
That burned up the whole town which was quickly rebuilt

In 1888 a small quarry opened in Hardwick Pennsylvania
That somehow provided all the granite needed to rebuild all the cities across America

Fabulous buildings such as the 650 foot high Singer Building in New York City
Which was said to have been completed in just 2 years

The incredible Hippodrome also in New York City was later demolished

The Biltmore Estate that is supposed to have used thousands of the most amazing craftsmen
Who worked day and night

The narrative of utilizing the most talented craftsmen of Europe is used over and over

Grand State Capital Buildings made of granite were said to have been built
Without the use of electric tools

Another absurd and impossible story that no one questions
As a matter of fact people should rebel at the idiocrasy that they are being told

We are deliberately kept in a state of ignorance
That has a numbing effect on our psyche

The nonsense is overlooked as the masses focus on survival

We are like trauma victims who have a protective memory loss
Refusing to look at what actually took place

High tech weaponry which was used to incapacitate the pyramids
Were used to incinerate Tartarian buildings that were too advanced

The previous residents of what was Tartaria had been extinguished
DNA manipulation took place and a new race was introduced into the orphaned and vacant cities

A cover up of history occurred
Made up stories such as Columbus Spanish Explorers and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Fooled the newcomers

To the past citizens of former ages
We would seem like mind fogged barbarians
Who eat the corpses of animals thinking it is good for them

In the onslaught buildings were flooded with mud and had to be dug out
The underground streets are evidence of this
Many buildings had to be renovated

But we are inundated with stories of dusty towns
With brave sheriffs saving the citizenry from evil villains!