The Rosicrucians were first known as the Order of the Red Cross
The Red Cross was the celestial cross formed by streamers emanating from Venus
In the former sky

They became red when Mars moved in front of Venus
Mars was seen to die on the cross
But was born again in the celestial waters or plasmasphere of Saturn

The Rosicrucians are now the Freemasons

During their initiation ceremonies they drink wine from the skull of a dead person
That has been sacrificed and is usually a young male

They mix the wine with the heart and brain of an animal and it becomes the new wine
They eat a pig which has been killed by a knife that has slain a man

During other rituals they burn a rooster alive in a pot
Mixed with a poisonous plant called Euphorbia
To bring death and destruction on a victim

To induce sterility on a female they sneak the urine of a female mule into the persons food or drink
If it is a male they put dead remains where his foot trods and do incantations
But mostly they just kill the undesirable person

The Hand of Glory is the actual hand of a murder victim that is dried and preserved
It is used in spells and if carried into a house at night
It will prevent the inhabitants from waking

Evil spells are conducted in a black circle drawn of chalk or vermilion
With 2 white candles and an alter covered in a white linen

Blood and sex are necessary to obtain the energy to successfully work the magic
Black cats and children are sacrificed and their blood is drank
Which is followed by an orgy

They call upon demons and spirits who inhabit elements whom they call elementals
The head demon is called the Commander in Chief

Bob Dillon said he sold his soul to the commander in chief so that he could become a rock star

The fat of young children are boiled in a brazen vessel
With bats blood and herbs

The Osculum Infame or Kiss of Shame
Is when they kiss a statue of the Devil in the hindquarters or Rectum Tomentum
The Knights Templar were found guilty of this
They are now the highest order of Freemasonry

They worship Baphomet and a hierarchy of demons
And call God El Adonay which is Saturn

They perform a Eucharist where the Priest goes nude with a nude virgin and a prostitute
The wafer is smeared with menstrual blood or semen
And bats blood is used for wine

The virgin lies in a coffin covered in black velvet and has an upside down cross

This one eyed sex and death cult is what controls our politics education economy and entertainment
Members include Joseph Stalin Vladimir Lenon Adolph Hitler Walt Disney and Billy Graham

They also run the hospitals nursing homes and charities

They control the Police Chief and Mayor

And are casting spells in the local Masonic Lodge near you!