Each step of the fake war in the Ukraine
Has been drawn up in a boardroom
By old sociopathic billionaires
With a blood thirst for power

They are also following the alien agenda
Of harvesting human energy

Through their control of the money supply
They have employed humans to build their own destroyers

Humans who are on their own desperate quest
For status and worldly success

Who idolize and focus on celebrities
Like Will Smith and Chris Rock
Who play out Illuminati humiliation rituals
So that they can partake of demonic power
In exchange of letting demons use their bodies

Through black magic a spell is tightening its grip
As the trauma vibration increases

The dark cabal is tuning the resonance
As naive humans are placing their hopes
In a fake leader with serpent eyes called Donald Trump

As the masses are caught in the Kabballah spell of trance
And the war drums beat faster with harsher tones
The markets will plunge
And bank runs will begin

The LaPalma volcano then Kilauea will be ignited

Already numb from the jab
People will be easily swayed into the Grand Delusion

Don Trump will awaken as the Anti Christ
And bring in the New Dawn
Enforcing the Beast System

Once a person becomes one with the AI Quantum Computer
They will have lost their soul
And will be antagonistic to the ones still with their own sovereignty

Those whose health deteriorates will be zombies

Allegiance to the synthetic technological omnipresence of the AI Beast system
Will be shown in an illuminous mark

It is now said Ukranian tractors cannot till and plant their fields
Because they have to be used to remove abandoned Russian tanks and troop carriers

And it is also said that Ukranian helicopters snuck deep into Russian territory and bombed oil depots
Striking critical infrastructure and setting fuel tanks ablaze

Now Russia wants to retaliate and wipe Ukraine off the face of the map

When people believe in this scripted narrative it gives it power

The scheme of an oil and energy shortage
Along with a food shortage is being played out

And WW3 will be thrust upon us this year!