According to the Book of Revelation
One third of the angels fell with Lucifer

What this really means is at the end of the former era
Approximately one third of the celestial orbs
Descended into the lower heavens or Sheol which is the underworld

Lucifer is Phosphorous or an alter ego of Mars
Satan is Saturn when it appeared dark due to the atmospheric clouding of Venus

Demons are real but they are spirit beings from another realm

Sier ist der leuchtende blitz
Means His is the lightning flash
Which was a plasma discharge from Mars

This is also the Devils Claw which is a fist upon the chest
That signifies your Freemasonry membership

Freemasons commonly have a lightning flash on their clothing or painted on their skin
To show their affiliation with Lucifer who was Mars

Lucifer made a throne out of his inextinguishable pyre which was Venus

The phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum Annuit Coeptis on the back of a dollar bill
Means To undertake by oath a new world order of the ages

The Anno Mundi is the real year of the world
Which is about 6000 according to Freemasons
The Vulgar Year is 2022

3 6 and 7 are the most sacred numbers to Freemasons
3 is the Trinity
6 are the Archangels around the Throne of Saturn
And 7 is the number of rings around Saturn

The Georgia Guidestones are stone slabs with 10 commandments
They were erected on March 22 1980
March 22 is 322 which is the number of Skull and Bones

The first commandment is to keep the population under 500 million
A reduction of billions

This is the Masonic New Age
It is their Utopia not yours

They are doing away with the excess inventory
They want to change us or kill us
To take the vax and become robotic slaves

Jesus who actually lived only about 4 to 5 hundred years ago
Drove this religion underground
And now it is resurfacing!