Tajikistan is the first country
To make Covid 19 vaccines mandatory

In Uganda you get two months in jail
For not wearing a mask

South Africa is under a strict lockdown
Because of the Delta Variant

Abu Dhabi will ban all unvaccinated
From public places

Most colleges in the United States
Will require vaccines this fall

And the Military will all be vaccinated
By September 1st
Soon they will enforce vaccines on others too

To travel around Europe
You must either be vaccinated
Or have a certificate that says you were tested

This manufactured crisis will cause civil disruption

When the stock market crashes
And the banks close
People will go berserk

UN troops will be called in
To prevent rioting and looting

Atlanta and Denver will become the new capitals

Washington DC governmental agencies
Have already relocated to those cities

For many years Tiger Woods bedazzled his audience
By making incredible shots
Sinking it at 40 or 50 yards away was not uncommon

The audience would resound in applause
Loudly cheering this American hero

Tiger would have a big smile on his face
And extend his arms up in victory

He would take the ball out of the cup
And wave to the audience

Golf preceded basketball in using magnets
To achieve a desired outcome

And the crowd cheering on Tiger Woods
Was just as oblivious as the world is today

Not realizing it was all an act
And controlled from behind the scenes!