There are links between all the known dimensions of our multiverse
In which we currently reside

A common trait of alien genetics is called Waardenburg Eyes
The eyes are farther apart
And can be seen in people such as Paris Jackson Mila Kunis
Stef Sanjati and Camren Birondova

Witchcraft is in music
And Cremation of Care rituals puts apathetic energy into the air

The demons who reside in people will not hide themselves very much longer
The public will deny their existence and call it mental illness

Mental illness is now being presented as normal

Off world entities cannot create in this realm
They can only steal what we create

They are body snatchers

Do not give your energy to their destructive agendas

They must have our consent
And cannot violate free will in this realm

Negative intent produces bad energy

The common person has no idea of our reality above or below

All alcohol now has fluoride
And McDonalds serves ground up human babies as well as ground up animal babies

Covid backwards is divoc which means evil

Cell phone towers produce microwaves which produce flu like systems
They penetrate our cells damaging and killing them
Our bodies then respond by flushing them out

The word flu is short for flush

Dandelion tea is a great detox
So is turmeric

To show how mind controlled people are they spray Round Up on dandelions
Not only are dandelions very pretty they are highly nutritious

Round Up contains glyphosate which is a very toxic poison

Doctors and nurses dancing around on Tik Tok are actors
They are performing choreographed ritual sigil dancing
Used for spell casting
And to summon the Antichrist

Your enemy is always unseen
Whether it is some fake far away terrorist
Or some fake microscopic enemy

The next narrative is ready to go
It will be war and food shortages
Also earthquakes and tsunamis

Stand strong and give your goodness knowledge and blessings to the world
And expand your abundance through service!