There are 1166 dams in Washington state
400 are in the Columbia River Basin

Many are massive dams and engineering wonders
Such as the Grand Coulee Dam

There are 4 massive dams on the Lower Columbia River
And 4 more on the Lower Snake River which goes into the Columbia

These huge dams all have sophisticated lochs which permit boat travel
465 miles upriver to the inland seaport at Lewiston Idaho

The construction dates vary depending on what source you use

Old sternwheelers like those on the Mississippi River can still be seen today

Some are said to be from the 1880’s
Like the Post Falls Idaho Dam

Which provided water to the 90 miles of irrigation
That fed the Spokane Valley agriculture lands

It also provided electricity to the Silver Valley
The nations largest producer of silver for many years

Railroads are also engineering marvels
The thousands of miles of track include the gravel bedding
The wooden support beams and the iron railings
Which are approximately 1000 pounds every 7 yards

There are also bridges from small to canyon size
Tunnels roundhouses depots and the trains

The date of the construction of the railroads
Is actually when they were repaired and prepared for service

There are also canals
The Coeur d’Alene River is actually a 36 mile canal
And has smaller canals feeding it

There are old bays that were built on the Snake and Columbia Rivers for recreation

Downtown buildings in Spokane Washington during the 1880s had electric elevators
They not only electricity but they had water and heating

Spokane was supposed to have been settled by cattle rustlers in the late 1870s

There were also printing presses photography phonographs and high tech weaponry

It is obvious we are not being told the whole story
Poor uneducated immigrants could not have done these many technological and engineering feats

Some are newer but mostly
We inherited the inventions and engineering marvels of a former civilization
Which is being covered up

We are being kept in the dark on purpose

We are starring in someone else’s movie

The people of the previous world were extinguished
And we are the new replacements

And now we are being replaced!