Forces beyond the material world
Can be called upon directly
Or become unleashed through curses

They can become profoundly interconnected
With human consciousness

These entities can be used to affect changes
Or influence the outcome of future events

Invoking dark entities
Is done by the Illuminati

They gather in a circle
Marking it out with salt or chalk
And a candle is put in each direction
To contain and concentrate energy

A certain frequency is used

In the Satanic music industry
An 808 drumbeat
Is used to hit your lowest chakra
Which is your sex chakra

Then it is mixed with a certain message
So that the message will vibrate within

Homophony is the occultist practice
Of making one word or sentence
Sound like a certain meaning
But the real meaning is hidden

Otherworldly forces can also make an appearance
As a Shadow Man

Or the Ginn Shadow
That comes at night to steal your soul

And to feed off your negative emotions

If one reacts in fear
They will keep coming

Be strong courageous and bold
And they will shrink away
From a positive high vibration