The 1906 San Fransisco earthquake and destruction was not a natural event
It was from directed energy weaponry

Most all of the grand exquisite Tartarian buildings were eliminated
So that people would not question the paradigm told to them

Replacements were brought in the following day
Ones who were genetically modified not to distrust authority

The World Trade Center was taken down by planted explosives
In combination with directed energy technology
The only way to melt steel is by hitting it with temperatures of over 2500 degrees

They were not brought down by a guy in a secret cave in Afghanistan
Masterminding angry terrorists who scared pilots by showing them a dinner knife
Then taking control of the jet and flying intricate maneuvers while the military command did nothing

Solaren has created a weather management system using space based power technology
And a new AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory called THOR has been built on Maui

It does research on directed energy weaponry and space surveillance
This is the 4th one operational under the new United States Space Force
Raytheon a military subsidiary is responsible for developing the THOR laser weaponry system

Lahaina will be turned into a smart city controlled by AI
You will need credentials to enter
Because it will be a vacation center for the non human elite

We have the power to shape our own future
Each imagination is a brush stroke on a canvas
Painting the tapestry of our reality

You are a masterpiece of your own design
Sculpt yourself as the architect of your destiny

Set the stage for a different performance
With the Divine all possibilities arise

Vibrate with hope
Synchronize your mental symphony with the cosmic melodies of creation

We are portals to profound change
So that our inner landscape vibrates with cosmic rhythms

Assume your wish fulfilled
And operate from that premise!