A big statue of Anubis
Was recently paraded round London

To symbolize the coming of the Anti Christ

Anubis is Saturn
Which is obvious by its attributes and symbols
But it is a dark aspect of Saturn

The pillars of Anubis
Are the same as the pillars of Hercules
Or Samson tied to the temple pillars

Anubis is portrayed with a dark horse

A preceding smaller cosmic body
With an electrical connection to the primary
Was looked upon as a horse

The reason why Mars became the Anti Christ
Is because it also took on a dark hue
As it started its descent towards the Earth Plane

This took place in the previous age
When the planets were gathered together in the North

The Assembly of God

This was also looked upon as judgement time
When Apollyon and his army
Made full entrance from the abyss
Being locked up there by the Most High

In the Shadow of Death

Ex President Trump repeatedly
Called himself the Chosen One

Because he was the forerunner
Preparing the way for the Anti Christ

Like the Anubis did