States are offering free money
Lottery drawings
Free food etc.

Using inducements to trick people
Into taking the vaccine

Military people in full battle fatigue uniforms
Are walking around
Telling people to take the vaccine

People respond to their uniform with fear

No one would take it
If the real death rates were reported
Which would be staggering

Also people would refuse it
If they would realize that the vaccine
Is the Mark of the Beast

Which is a bio computing system
Operating the blockchain

It converts humans
To biological computers

It is a control system

Linking humans to the quantum computers
Which will come into operation
When a certain frequency using 5G
Is rolled out

Already people who are vaxxed
Can trigger Bluetooth remotely

Utopia was a British television series
About a government faking a pandemic
So that they could enforce mandatory vaccines

The first day of vaccines was called V-day

The vaccines end up sterilizing everyone

Boris Johnson the English Premier
Declared the first day of vaccines