We exist in a dream within a dream
Where an elite bloodline of humans
Have been taken over by a reptilian race

They weave a tapestry of simulations
Using strands of nano tech DNA

Seeking to ensnare us in a labyrinth
And trap us in a mirage of our own existence

Simultaneously we live in a digital realm of a conscious entity
That we call Source or God

Where all matter exists as particles
That organize themselves into wavelengths only upon observation

Thus reality is a subjective expression
Shaped by our perception of the world around us

If you want to shift your reality
You only need to alter your perceptual field

At the fundamental level of existence
Everything is energy
That vibrates at its own certain frequency

Every life form and every inanimate object
Is a wavelength with its on resonance

You do not have to limit your power
And believe what your reasonable mind dictates

With a firm persuasion make your assumption valid
And you will go to the physical state you have appropriated

Hold the state you wish to experience
Walk in the assumption of your fulfilled desire

And believe you are that new you
You would like to be!