The FDA has no interest in public health
It has become an extermination organization

Enforcing mRNA gene changing vaccines
Engaging in mass deception

The destruction of prions by vaccines
Causes proteins to malfunction

Which descends one into lower brain functioning
And a lower acuity

mRNA is an operating system of codes
The ones being injected form spike proteins

Spike proteins create blood clots
In capillaries and in arteries

Some people are hit quickly
But most people are walking around with slowly growing blood clots

They have even come up with a new term for this called SADS
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

People are predisposed to SADS because of their diet
Eating partially hydrogenated soybean oil
And genetically modified corn products

Vegetable shortening should be called blood clot shortening

It is SAD that people trust doctors and others in our phony medical system
Taking blood clot shots and eating bad diets

We are witnessing the deliberate takedown of America
That will descend into a Mad Max scenario
When the food supply stops

People will enter Zombie mode

We cannot vote our way out

If you are in a big city
Get out of Dodge while you can!