Love is the highest vibration
It conquers all

Love is the greatest virtue
Love is a treasure beyond anything else
It fulfills you and gives you a reason for living

The greatest love is usually with a parent a pet or a spouse

The occult world has power and money
But it does not have love

Synthetic beings do not feel

Love is eternal
Reptilians do not love
And are not eternal

The occult belief is that Cain devoured Abel
Cain + Abel = cannibal

The peace sign is for them a Baphomet salute

An X denotes a Satanic cross
The cross formerly shone as electrical streamers in front of Venus
The different crosses such as
The Egyptian Cross
And the Celtic Latin Maltese Sun and Tau Crosses
Were the same streamers under different electrical charge

Mars was seen as if to die on this cross

The 4 archangels
Gabriel Michael Uriel and Raphael
Were the prominent moons of Saturn
When electrically connected to their primary
They became the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse

The mother of Lucifer is Aurora who is Venus
Venus was a 5 pointed star
A pentagram
The Star of David

Venus was the Eye of Saturn
When displaced it became the Eye on the Hand of God
With 5 fingers

The Square and Compass of the Freemasons
Is the top of the Central Pillar or Axis Mundi or Alter of God
Encompassing the Eye
Which came to a point below Saturn

The practice of the Illuminati covering one eye
To show their affiliation
Is from this former configuration of planets

This is also the Tip of the Spear

Mars was the Apple of the Eye
When it ascended in front of Venus

This was the travels of Hercules
Or the voyage of Jason

When Saturn was banished unto gloomy Tartarus
The world was temporarily under the control of Jupiter
4 seasons appeared
And the perpetual spring vanished

The world then became corrupt