Accept everyone as parts of yourself
Eliminate programs of separation

Our vortex energy weaves and braids through the chakras
The spin of your vortex depends upon how your chakras are spinning
Which correlates to emotional data
And the input of experience

Imbalance becomes a system of protection for the ego
Shame and guilt inhibit your expression

When you are tense you constrain yourself
Choose emotions that expand your light energy
And which activate your higher faculties

Become aware of yourself as a spiraling universe
With the information you need for your highest potential encoded in your DNA
Each chakra is a spiral of your vortex energy channel

Look upon your own being as the source of manifestation
And that you are a conduit of the Life Force

Each spiral is a wave progression and an octave
Your chakra octaves are portals to all your future probabilities

We carry nonsensical programs which are signal jammers
We are running some type of program that we think is part of us
But which has actually hijacked our subconscious
And shaped our perspective

They hold vibrational patterns which embed limiting belief systems
We then write them upon our projected hologram

Childhood defense mechanisms become engrained adult behavior

Crystallize positive thoughts into your reality
Inject upon the quantum field blueprint imagery of your desire

Inscribe with your laser mind potent frequencies
That will bring you outcomes of joy and happiness

Know you are divinity
That you are your own creator

Treat yourself as infinitely precious
And the love you give yourself
Will melt away the fears!