Loosh is a code word for soul
loosh = loos = luos = soul

Our soul energy is being extracted
From our negative thoughts and patterns
And emotions such as fear hate and stress
Sadness despair anger

Our bioelectrical energy gets drained empty like a battery
By beings who feed off of low vibrational negative energy

We are being manipulated to fuel the fire
And divided to produce conflict and war

Also billions of animals are tortured in factory farms
And then violently murdered

Slaughterhouses are a feast for them

Lizard people are low energy spirits
That feed off negative emotions

Our realm is now a loosh farm
That creates energy food for reptilian entities

These entities pose as humans
They input massive mind control
Triggered by programming
That as been embedded on us
At an early age

Now with artificial intelligence
Images can even be placed in our mind
Creating emotional drama

Everyday we come in contact with information
That can bring our vibration down
And create loosh
For demonic reptilian extraction

In ancient times an agreement was made with them
By a faction of humans
Who always chose the option that increased their power
But this time they did not realize
All that they were getting into

Despite it all
We are still multi dimensional beings
With access to the source

We can get guidance from a higher plane
And we can cultivate compassion

They are leeches and parasites
From another plane

Who cannot access the source
Or feel emotion

A positive state of mind
Will enable us to move forward