We are all many facets of The One
Yet each of us has a unique role to play
In the prismatic divine consciousness

Our individual spirits have many levels of intelligence
We need to quantify that spiritual intelligence
To increase our discernment

We need to propagate ascension waves
Out in large concentric circles

Which will then transmute dense carbon patterns
Into higher silicon states

Human consciousness has been suppressed
Through mind control enslavement
And a barrage of high frequency exposure

The results of the accumulated dysfunctional damage
Is being projected onto our reality hologram

Consciousness is the battery source that powers reality systems

When we incarnate into the earth plane
We do not realize who we really are

That each of us has the ability to lead the human race
To an ascended timeline reality

By raising awareness and consciousness
By treating others as we would want to be treated
Others includes the different species that naturally inhabit the earth

And by sending out positive vibrations
We transmit codes and reconnect energy circuitry
That reestablishes the Law of One