School is about to start
But from grade school to college
Attendance is way down

It is not good to be in a classroom
Where you have to memorize a bunch of false claims

We are not on a spinning globe racing through space
We are in a closed system with a dome over us

This firmament which contains the stars is very close
The Star Trek version of our universe is fake

The earth plane is divided into realms
Antarctica surrounds us and is only part of a huge system that extends indefinitely

We are taught that doctors take care of our health
When they are just money driven products of the lying pharmaceutical industry

We are taught that our government cares about us
When in fact they are purposely trying to keep us down to perpetuate their own power

We are taught evolution and a fake history
To keep us from realizing our potential
And to hide the crimes of the elite

We are not told that free energy technology is available
And was utilized for many hundreds of years

We are not told that our weather is being manipulated
And are blamed for climate change because we drive cars too much

We are told chemtrails are just natural water vapor from the exhaust of engines

We are taught that oil comes from dinosaurs and therefore is limited
The fact that commercial airplanes are not gasoline powered is hidden from us

We are not told about how non gasoline powered technology in cars is suppressed

We are taught elections are fair
And our vote makes a difference
When in fact it is all predetermined beforehand

The air conditioning bipolar ionization units installed in classrooms
Create free radical molecules which are breathed in

We are not told how tablets on wifi mode have millimeter wave chips
That sterilize reproduction systems

And that this is all by design and a part of Project Inkwell

Students are fed Frankenstein foods
Genetically modified organisms which is poison to our body

We are taught meat dairy and eggs are healthy
And part of a balanced diet

When in fact it is hard to digest
Resulting in undigested protein that creates unfriendly bacteria
Oxidative stress and inflammation

The saturated fats and cholesterol from the consumption of animals
Has led to an obesity epidemic

Required swab testing and vaccines are putting graphene nano particles into the body

When a person lies they have to tell more lies to cover up their initial lies
Usually a point is reached where it becomes obvious they are not telling the truth

A movie is projected onto a screen
And is not reality

It is easy to get caught up in it though
And react to it as if it was real

The sensations that we experience are real
But they are the result of manufactured events
And the reasons given for the events are lies!