The recent shootings in Buffalo and Texas were fake
Just like Sandy Hook Las Vegas The Boston Marathon and Oklahoma City

They were all done with crisis actors and nobody was killed

Timothy McVeigh the so called Oklahoma City bomber
And Randy Weaver of the Ruby Ridge Idaho staged event
Are cousins and both are in Special Forces

When we vote we give our consent and approval
For people to rule over us who do not have our best interest in mind
Whose objective is to keep us in fear
And who have sold their souls to the agenda of alien principalities

21 giant statues are being completed all over the world
They are maybe 300 feet high
They talk and move

The statues will take on the appearance of famous people
Said to have made the world a better place
But are really controlled Freemason agents

People can enter a hexagon shaped chamber
And have their image put on the giant statue
For a selfie

A hex or spell is done in a hexagon
A hexagon is for the seduction of ones soul
Into the trappings of the dark side

This is the Image of the Beast from Revelation 13:15

In the movie Electric Dreams
We interface with holographic projections
Who becomes our best friend
Keeping us in a digital world

Humans are enchantingly being bewitched into a captivating and entrancing system
With a transhumanistic objective
Overseen by a sentient computer!