Mars was the Son of Saturn
The Son of God or the Father God

When it is said that Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father
It was hearkening back to the previous epoch where the sky was different

Jesus took on the aspects of Mars or the Son of God

The congregation of planets or the Assembly of God at the north polar axis
Was the origin of all religious belief

Mars was the most active god
Descending and ascending the axis mundi
Which is the electrical current that intersects our realm

The axis mundi was the Holy Spirit
The Giver of Life
That proceeded from the father and the Son

It consisted of plasma or prana
It shone a brilliant white and was the original Milky Way

When it darkened it was perceived as the result of sin

Our world was formerly a perfect place
We were at one with each other and with the animals

The earth had a uniform temperature with a thick atmosphere
As the heavens changed so did our environment
Weather extremes weakened us

Plasma incursions became intermittent
Division crept in amongst us

Our electrical output affects the cosmos
But the real change was initiated behind the scenes

As plasma input lessened
Religious fervor increased

When Mars descended it was looked upon as
The Son of God coming to save the world

When Mars ascended to intersecting currents in front of Venus who was the Holy Mother
It was seen as The Son of God dying on the Cross

When Mars descended to the lower heavens
It was the Son of God in the Underworld
Who then rose again regenerated and reborn

Religion was promoted to hide the real facts
And to put us in an altered state of mind in an alternate reality

Celestial events that occurred during these former times
And which were recorded as future prophesy in the Book of Revelation
Are being played out by those with higher technology

So as to reinforce the Biblical narrative

Keeping people in a lower vibrational mind set
Stemming from false beliefs

The image of Kali
Which was Venus during hyper discharge in the former era
Has been projected numerous times on the Empire State Building

Kali’s anger is so terrible
That it threatens the existence of the world!