When Comet Leonard explodes
There will be a sudden eruption of volcanoes

Maybe starting with Italys Mt Etna
And then the Stromboli volcano

They will be ignited by pulsed electromagnetic energy
And so will the tsunamis which are not natural

The Jerusalem Post recently announced that Iran
Plans to turn New York into a hellish ruin

The strategy is to demoralize us with simultaneous events

The beginning of war will be blamed on Iran

The psychopathic mentality behind it all
Can only be the result of non human interference

The reptilian mind set
Which all humans have been infected by in some degree

Human blood types are the result of DNA tampering
The reptilians put their own DNA into the bloodlines

Reptilians need to ingest human blood to stay in this realm
So the more reptilian DNA one has
The more natural it will seem to be carnivorous

When one consumes meat which is the muscles and tendons of animals
One also consumes blood

The blood will contain adrenalized hormones
The result of a horrendous painful death
And usually a terrible life also

This consumption of blood produces a similar amount of insulin
As the intake of similar amounts of whole sugar

In other words it is an adrenaline rush
A downsized version of adrenochrome

It gives you energy
But it is also very hard on the body

The proteins are made up of branch chain amino acids
And are hard to digest

Eating meat and dairy is more of an addiction
There is nothing that animals produce that we need

Our bodies makes its own proteins from amino acids
The amino acids which our body makes are called non essential

The essential amino acids that our body needs are derived from plants

Hemp has all the essential amino acids
Plus it repairs nerve endings that get damaged from poisons

People are addicted to many things
Caffeine is another obvious one

Eating meat lowers our vibration
It puts foreign DNA into our system

Vaccines also inject foreign DNA into us

Plants and fruit
Nuts and grains
Are very easy to digest
And that indicates what we should be eating!