The theatre of self revelations that play out in our individual world
Is what we call life

Reality rearranges itself to reflect your internal vision
To mirror the world you travel to in your mind

The appearance of people and places will correspond with your embodied vibration
We will be put in places and in contact with people where we are most needed

Our purpose is birthed from our higher self
But do not fall into the trap of blind compassion

Release restrictive beliefs that result in convoluted mental chatter
Welcome all your emotions with a warm embrace

Be the person you want others to see you as
Do not run on doubt based programming

Do not react to the disempowering shadowy illusions
From interpretations of past experiences in the realm of the 5 senses
Make peace with your data

Impress upon your mind expressions of confidence and power
If you persist in your assumption it will become a fact

Press stop when you are playing the victim
Press play the actions of experiencing fearlessness and making it your identity

Imagine others lovingly
It will play out in real life relationships
And you will create a beautiful transformation within yourself

We have the ability to take conscious command of creating a heaven on earth
By vividly using our imagination and inner dialogue with the perspective of love

And inwardly seeing and hearing only that
Which is in harmony to our ideal

Enter into your ideal state of wholeness fulness and completeness
And your inner conversations will be in sync with and flow naturally with your outer experience!