Reality is a continuation of sequences
That you construct from your consciousness

It is vibrational sound waves
Based on thought perception

You are the mechanic of the quantum structure
And you drive through the metaphysical world that you create

We are downloaded into the archon reality
In the indoctrination of delusional ideas

Our mind gets trapped with dogma from science and religion
That unbalances the soul
And a fake history that depredates our vibration

When we see the manipulation ahead of time
We can stop its perpetual motion

When we can pierce the veil of deception
And realize it is a scripted world
We can align with our soul agreement

Our individual energy affects each other in some way
Single acts of kindness accumulate
To where your vibrational sequence will influence the entire structure

Our collective frequency is based on perception
Words become sound waves which become reality

The bad guys drop in on new worlds
Then flee the scene before the space cops come

Good always triumphs!