As a result of the current ascension cycle shift
Many people feel inner pressure to move past old 3D timelines
And let go of the false self that carries pain and trauma

When one puts up a false identity
In order to keep up appearances
Or meet eternally perceived expectations
It turns into a fear based coping mechanism

You start wearing different masks in different settings
Allowing others to dictate your identity

The majority of humans are not in touch with who they really are
They have bargained away their soul in order to fit in

When we hold back our heart and suppress our feelings
We withhold authentic and truthful communication

The fear of non acceptance can be the result of early childhood or even past lives

Many times the painful emotions one tries to run away from
Are based upon lies and deceptions in the mind

This creates energetic weakness which is exploited by controlling archetypes

Do not let your self esteem ride on other peoples naive and distorted opinions
Do not seek approval from others for determining your self worth
If you are afraid of judgements then you must immediately provide yourself
With self love and self acceptance

Stop judging yourself as well as others

Maintain appropriate boundaries

Do not withhold the truth
That means confronting people when they are out of line
Which might seem difficult at first
But in the long run you will feel better
Because you released the energy they directed at you

In times of crisis involving great stress and challenging circumstances
You have to choose your battles
Some situations will require more of an emotional outburst than others

But take a moment and consider a tactful way to speak the truth
Or you will wind up hiding behind a facade
And you will lose your authenticity

Be aware of triggers that set off lower thought patterns
That are the result of unresolved hidden pain

Gain control over the contents of your mind
Or you will self enforce your own dis functioning

Be a parent to the hurt child within

Be of service to others but never be self effacing
Direct your energies into what you feel are meaningful
And maintain your personal integrity

The world is rapidly changing
With negative and positive polarities

Do not be in surrender mode

To withstand the massive impact
Avoid counterfeit conversations
Be as genuine as possible in all interactions

But understand the ramifications of what you say
As you encounter brainwashed mind controlled people

As the immense polarization of forces swirls into the outer chaotic environment
Be vigilant knowing the God source is within you

And realize what you think and say will manifest quickly
In this new magical yet crazy world!