What we are a frequency match for
Determines where we will go in the next cycle

What we are in consent with dictates our timeline

What we are aligned with decides the consciousness corridor
We drift towards

When we move into the highest most positive expression of ourselves
We generate energy that creates a reality with vibrational quality

When we promote the death culture we lose our autonomy
And move into the control matrix

The death culture includes our practice of animal butchery

In the matrix we lose our critical thinking and intuition
And ignore evidence contrary to our belief system

We then lie to ourselves at the same time
We are being lied to

Cognitive dissonance and self deception produce energetic blocks
Which contribute to fear and emotional aberrance
That fractures our soul

But when we comprehend our integrity
And manage our energies in all of our associations
With clarity of purpose
We release fear and doubt
Which is what awakening is all about

When we do these things
Love comes on angels wings!