The world is not out to get you
Change your perception and you shift your entre reality

Moment to moment you are projecting a time fractal
In order to have an experience and increase your being

Your projection gets imprinted on the quantum field
And you are playing out your thoughts and decisions

Life is a journey back to self
The love vibration promotes life

If you are dragging a trauma down the road
Then you are feeding the fear vibration with your thoughts

Things in the past have hooks in us
Our subconscious reacts to childhood emotions
When they are triggered by a conscious thought

Every time you have fear put love in its place
And fear will disappear
Love and fear cannot exist together

Your vibrations are sequences which contain information
You are the creator of your holographic reality

When you are projecting in the negative
Pull out and react with the heart
Because you want a positive outcome

Being in the heart puts you in alignment with the ascension process
Then through synchronicity you will get what you need from the quantum field

The ego does not vibrate in the 5th dimension
And will not produce a positive outcome

The true vibration of consciousness is from the heart
So consciously change your next frequency to a higher state
By going inward you regenerate yourself and upgrade the world

Tell yourself you are beautiful and wonderful
And that you are a blessing to the world
Believe it 100 percent
Focus on it and give it a powerful emotion

The geometrical pattern of your intentions and imaginings
Will be imprinted onto the quantum structure
And the affirmations will manifest in the now

If you want to see abundance
Then project it!