As the medical quackery is killing patients
Who only have the flu
And not a fake virus that has never been isolated or proven to exist

Killing them with remdesivir
For bonus checks from dot gov

The vaxxed are emitting a signal
That can be picked up on Bluetooth or other devices

Giving the persons name and device
Such as cell phone tablet or laptop

Along with the MAC address
Which means Media Access Code
That is given to all networking items

It is a 6 bite hexadecimal address
Consisting of 6 groups of 2 characters each separated by a dash

Along with Bluetooth compatibility
The vaxxed are injected with
Hydrogel biosensors
Graphene hydroxide
Self assembling nano bots
Alive synthetic fibers
Self propelling aluminum based lifeforms

Obviously these are for transhumanism purposes

The World Health Organization wants 70 percent of the world vaccinated
By the summer of 2022

An estimated 5 million have already died from the shots

Austria has enacted a law mandating that by February of 2022
Those who are not vaccinated will be fined $8000.00 equivalent U.S. dollars
And those who do not pay will go to jail

Germany has enacted labor laws requiring vaccination

The state of Nevada has imposed a surcharge on all unvaxxed workers

When one has no regard for life
They become psychopathic and are easily corrupted and mind controlled
They develop a split personality and a fractured soul
Causing vulnerability to dark force manipulation

This falsified version of reality
Of an actual epidemic
Is being endorsed by all academic institutions
As well as the mainstream media

The real purpose is to control access to higher knowledge
And directing people into subjugation

This Sacrifice of the Innocents
Is also for energy for entities who want to continue to live in this earth realm

And is part of the Rites of Molech
A secret society ritual of the power elite!