Dielectric laser technology is optical communications
Pulsed all over free space
From clouds of high bandwidth ionized metals

These clouds are a synthetic ionosphere
That transfers data to the quantum computer

The Cloud or the Creative Cloud is truly a Cloud of Information
Gathered from our devices we use
From our laptops our smartphones and tablets
Even our kitchen appliances alarm clock and LED lights
Are all installed with listening devices

All that we do and know gets broadcast back up into the Cloud

This free space optical communication system
Is broadcast into every individual home

It transfers at light speed all information gathered
Back up into the Cloud

Quantum computers are then fed that information

These supercomputers monitor and download all details of ones entire person
Into its database

This is also behavior modification technology
It puts thoughts in us
It harasses us and manipulates our mind

To make us mindless drones of hive mind technology

This is frequency assaults of military grade weaponry pulsating through your brain
It is a nightmare for your neurological system

Once you are bio coded you can be bio resonated
Your DNA goes into the supercomputer
Which is then transmitted to every cell phone tower and WiFi outlet

Cities are saturated with 2.4 gigahertz microwave transmission WiFi access points
And there are cell phone towers every few miles
Towers are an essential part of the matrix

You can be individually tracked through your unique DNA frequency signal
Your DNA fingerprint allows transmissions from cell phone towers and cell phones
That will only affect you

Your bio resonance allows you to be tracked no matter where you are

Transmitted data is taken in through your eyes
These signals are then perceived as visions

Images can be shrunk into representations
Creating models of the world inside our head

We are now in a machine world
And we are being used as an endless sea of battery pods!