You live in a universe based on vibration
And you are a veritable vibration emitter

Recognize the invisible yet palpable waves that create reality
Paint the contours of a richer more vibrant existence

Claim your power
Speak life into your aspirations

Magic begins when you resonate
With the truth of your being
With the beauty of your dreams
And with the greatness of your desires

Sing a love song to your life
Choose words of abundance success and positivity that bring you closer to those outcomes

Situations people and opportunities that align with your words and intention
Emerge in unexpected ways

Such as the possibility of intimacy
Which seductively beckons the probability of passion within anothers embrace

Everything occurring in your experience is by your choice
Everything you see in this time space reality is a vibrational interpretation

Once you are in the flow of your vortex
Hope turns into belief
Belief turns into knowing
Knowing leads to the understanding that you are the creator
And that there is not anything you cannot be or do or have

Make the way you feel your highest priority
Nothing is more important than being a cooperative component
To who you are!