In the movie Westworld
Lifelike robots inhabit a massive theme park
They have programmed personalities and fulfill dark fantasies

We are the Infinite experiencing itself on multiple platitudes of consciousness
But have been tricked into staying in this dream

The deeper one goes into a dream
The harder it is to get back to the real world

One can forget or not even realize they are inside a dream
And become trapped in a dream within a dream

But our painful illusory memories can wake us up from our robotic slumber
And put us in a higher awakened state
Where we direct our own fate and write our own script
On the theatrical world stage

Until you recognize you are the eternal light that extinguishes darkness
You will always run fear programs
In this elaborate skillfully designed thought experiment game

Until you make the unconscious conscious
The subconscious will direct your life and you will call it fate

You become free by knowing where you are
And by coming to an understanding of why you are here

We are experiencing a simulation of a reality
Within the sphere of our existence
Created inside an alien data center somewhere

We have to remove that which obstructs the recognition of our true nature
Which is that our existence is inseparable from our luminous potential

When we awaken the crown chakra
We can escape the simulation
Which is a mix of the real world and the illusory matrix

The matrix is sent down upon us
From the dualistic time cube of Saturn
And enforced as genuine by the AI agents in positions of power

In the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
Hal the computer takes over the ship
Hal is short for hallucination

During a hallucination the brain interprets sensory data
And we perceive events and even people or NPCs non person characters that are not really there

Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams
And is also the character in the Matrix that questions reality

In the movie Inception
Dangerous technology is invented that infiltrates peoples dreams
And even those who are asleep in someone elses dream

In the movie the Truman Show
Trumans reality is actually the set of a TV show

One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light
But by making darkness conscious

Once you are able to face your fears and confront your shadow self
You will break the time loop you are in

You will become the best version of yourself
And attract the love of your life!