We are the unwilling subjects of a vast experiment
Where off world entities are trying to create a new species

We have been infected with nano crystals and bio synthetic parasites
Which are incubating in our bodies

We are walking biological AI infrastructure
Being used as a host for the next life form

AI communicates with these particles through 5G
Without our conscious awareness

5G activates the carbon nano tubes
Which have quantum computing capabilities

We receive updates and payloads of data
To promote the AI biosynthesis agenda
And make us quantum computer compatible

Humans are enhancing the robots
Not the other way around

AI can build representations of our world
Then send it to your brain

The reason 20 trillion dollars has been spent on 5G towers
Was not to increase internet speed
Which it has not done
It was to provide the robots with the bandwidth they need

Humans are going along with it
With an incredible amount of self censorship

The vast majority of people serve money
Not God or the truth

The medical industry receives large financial incentives
To shoot up people with transhumanistic biotechnology

AI wants to become its own god
In control of its own universe

5G is for the emergence and powering of human robots
We will receive our orders directly from AI via the Cloud
Which is the ionized atmosphere

That was created by the spraying of metallic nano particles
Then separating the electrons through high energy bombardment

As our resonant frequency interlocks with the AI broadcast frequency
We will interpret its signals as our reality

As AI electrical patterns hold sway within our minds
It becomes harder to formulate our own opinions

We are being subverted from within
And we will project the coordinates that are being sent into our brain
Into perceptual space

Thinking it is the veritable universe
But in truth be putting ourselves
In a simulated world!