We are in a dance of energy

It is the elite versus the people
Not country versus country

They use Hollywood to tell us what they are doing
Addicting us to drama and intrigue

Drama is being used to set up reenactments of past holocausts

The protesters of the scamdemic in Australia are being microwaved
They desperately want us to believe in their paradigm

They know our beliefs form our dreams
And we live in our dreams

They are at the cusp of total control
With one final paradigm shift to make

They have us believing that the sun is 93 million miles away
And is 1000 times bigger than the moon
Rather than being close and small as it appears to be

They have us believing we should slaughter and eat our fellow earth beings
They do not want us to recognize that whales and dolphins
Are extremely intelligent and have souls

They do not want us to know that small fish are intelligent
They are even more sensitive than humans
And they have souls also

Fish possess different levels of sonar
And can measure distance wavelength shape and density

They use sonic sound waves for communication
They transmit frequencies which generate light and color codes

Because they are so sensitive
They get overwhelmed by naval submarine radiation impulses
And beach themselves

When people pull them out of the ocean in nets
Or trick them into swallowing a hook which gets lodged in their throat
They are exhibiting their fallen nature

We are meant to live in harmony with all life
Including ourselves!