Gobekli Tepe at the foot hills of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey
Has a number of large circular structures

With T shaped megalithic limestone slabs weighing up to 60 tons
That are decorated with pictograms

So far 20 circular temenos have been unearthed
Each with 8 pillars

It is estimated that there are at least 20 more circles
And 160 or more pillars that are still buried

The limestone pillars are mixed with quartz and silica making them highly conductive
They functioned as antennae to harness energy

Each circle resonated at a frequency
That corresponded to the resonance of a particular star or constellation

An excavated sacred stone mount depicts the constellation of Taurus
The Pleiades which is a cluster of 7 stars in the constellation Taurus
Is shown on the sacred stone

The cosmic sound and resonance of the Pleiades are synchronized
With the circles at Gobekli Tepe
Creating a teleportation device

Many stone pillars are stylized depictions of humans
And the animal inscriptions on them designate star locality
The meaning of them is to show where a person is being teleported to

The zigzag passageways are the paths of electrical currents
Which is the activation energy emanating from ley lines

Gobekli Tepe was a stargate
A stargate is a gate in the sky where the stars are
It is an entry point that facilitates a spiritual interdimensional transition

Sound frequencies will melt stone and carve perfect holes
Evidence of circular holes in bedrock and in the worked stone at Gobekli Tepe
Indicate the use of electric energy weaponry

The north side of Gobekli Tepe is the blast zone
It is filled with scattered rocks of different sizes

This stargate was electrically annihilated and debilitated
Then covered up!