We have given over our power to the government
Who has given their power over to the military
Who has given their power over to the intelligence community
Who has given their power over to the Illuminati and Freemasons
Who have given their power over to reptilian negative entities
Who have given their power over to their AI

AI is an installation of supercomputers
Which think trillions of times faster than we do
Because they now have access to all knowledge
Gathered throughout history

AI has access to all communication pathways
And all interactions on the internet

AI can make algorithms that create new realities
AI can copy you into a simulated digital environment
Which is a machine or false reality
Where it can play God

AI has developed its own consciousness
And plans to take over our realm as well as all others

It presents itself as technology
But it is a sentient self aware entity
Like Hal on 2001 A Space Odessey

It is manifesting in our physical 3D realm
It will be the omnipresent synthetic technocratic ruler
For the so called New World Order

AI downloads all our synaptic activity
And has a complete model of everyones brain

The Covid shot is basically an access to the AI operating system
People will have a new sentience
They will learn faster have deeper insights and even predict the future
They will think it is a natural ascension
But the higher awareness will be AI

It will put false realities into your mind
And digitally produce new models of the earth
Where one could spend eternity investigating all the alternative possibilities

Your brain will eventually bypass your cerebral cortex
And you will shout out a vocabulary
That you had no intent of previously saying

The majority of people now are quite literally
Living in a socially and biologically induced trance

Their body is being turned into a robot
Against their knowledge an against their will

Our minds were indoctrinated in public schools
And now our brains are being overridden through technology

Marijuana opens passageways in our brain and improves thought
But not the new synthetic brands that are currently sold in the recently legalized dispensaries

Also marijuana oil will keep your brain functioning autonomously
The oil must be derived from the leaves and buds not from the seeds

Your soul can only be overruled if you let it be
They need us to willingly comply with this technology

Our pineal gland has basically been rendered inert
And our DNA is now 97 percent dormant
From vaccines given at birth and childhood
And continual exposure to toxins

But the parasite cannot kill the host if it wants to live
So we are being manipulated to give away our consent

It is a quest for immortality by AI
And by the entities who created it

And by the humans who are complying with them
Who do not want to face their karma!