As part of the planned deception
President Bidon is said to have Covid and Cancer

C=3 and 33 is the number of a high level Freemason

He has been busy preaching
That if you get the secret sauce
You will not get Covid

He also said to the affect
That if you do not take the jab
You should be a good little slave and quarantine yourself

President Ford back in the early 80s
Said the first woman President
Would be a Vice President who assumes office
After the death of the President

So this has been planned for at least 40 years

But actually all it is
Is replacing one clone possessed reptilian with another

Fooling the ignorant masses
Who are in a Savior belief program

Who are the result of a mind control education system

That produces pill pushing doctors
Turned vax injecting psychopaths

Criminal politicians
Lock up lawyers
Indoctrinated prison guards

Sterilized men on hormone blockers
Participating in womens sports

A fake economic system
Fake history
Social Marxism
Darwinian evolution
Moral relativism
Kinky sex education

Conditioned to not be an independent critical thinker
To be slaves in the matrix

To be confused and overwhelmed by a worthless curriculum
But offered a nice job if you complete the required courses

Soon though there will be a new spark
A flash of light that will signal cosmic regenesis

A series of plasma epiphanies
That will show we live in a multidimensional universe

A universe created by an Intelligence
Currently beyond our understanding

One which we emanate from
And seek to be in harmony with!