The members of the CDC or Center for Disease Control
Have not taken any shot
Nor has any members of the FDA taken the vax

No one who knows what is really going on
Has rolled up their sleeve

Bill Gates Dr. Fauci and the World Health President C Duterte are shills
They have sold their souls and do not care if they lie

To have the vaccine in all countries
Means that all leaders are in acquiesce to the system

The tentacles of the deep state go way down
One cannot be a member of the city council or school board for very long if they are not compliant
County Commissioners are Freemasons

People think we live in a free democracy
We cannot even vote out the dog catcher

During elections the numbers of votes for each candidate given by the news media are all fake

After your 3rd shot you have no immunity left
Your body will not be able to break down the injected toxins
They will get stored in your excess fat tissue

They are metabolically inert
Are not fat soluble and cannot all be eliminated

Excess fat is mostly from consumption of animals
Its real purpose is for insulation and protection of organs

Your bodys bacteria will try to dissolve the toxins
Which will result in the emission of body odor

The metals injected are like radio antennae
And will turn you into a receiver of 5G signals

The blood clots that have resulted in the vaxxed
Are the injected nano particles coming together

The mRNA in the vax will create a 3rd strand of DNA
This is the attempt of the genesis of the human Borg
A remotely controlled transhuman

The injected hydrogel carries a payload of sleeper cells
Which are now inert and dormant

They will be activated by 3 sequential bursts of 18 gigahertz
Pulsed 1 minute apart

This 5G frequency will remotely detonate injected viruses in the hydrogel
Such as Marburg Ebola and E coli

A 3 day apple diet should be done as soon as possible
The pectin in apples is the best way to eliminate toxic material
And should be repeated often!