If you have taken the vax
You have given permission for AI Borg consciousness
To manifest in your reality

This can be rescinded by a sovereign stance
And a full commitment to the spiritual path
Along with physical detoxification

If you are not aware of the deception
You continue to allow the manifestation

The trickle of AI influence will become a flood

Mask mandates will soon return
The lying media will bring about hysteria

This produces brain waves
Which determine template codes
That creates our reality

A tridemic will be promoted
Of influenza Covid variants and smallpox

In Australia if you do not keep on taking boosters
You will be locked down again

It is also illegal there to help flood victims
If they are not jabbed

The floods are a result of weather manipulation

Cities in Australia are being rebuilt as smart cities
Which is to solidify the link with AI

The Ukraine is the leader in AI takeover
They have abandoned paper currency and is now cashless

Their courts are under the guidance of AI
And all cases take place on line

Schools are now all conducted also on line
And so is banking

The medical industry is now electronic tele medicine

All documents are issued through their smart phones

The government is now digital

Can you see where this is going!